Twilght Sparkle Meets Curly Sue

Twilght Sparkle Meets Curly Sue 1991


Spike The Cutie Mark Crussaders Babs Seed Princess Candace Shining Armor Princess Celestia Princess Luna Toucan Sam And His Newphes Barney And The Backyard Gang Baby Bop Bj Oswald Wennie Henry Daisy Madam Butterfly Catrina The Egg Twins Johnny The Snowman Me Rydell The Kids Next Door Numbuh 362 Ttark The Bubble Guppies Kevin Durant And Kid From Thunderstruck 2012 Oliva And His Friends From Lemonade Mouth Pete And His Friends From Hatching Pete  Kipper Tigger Jake Pig And Arnold From Kipper  Harvey Milk From Milk  The Littlest Pet Shop Gang The Mad Bunny  Father The Deilghtful Children Sunset Shimmer Discord Queen Charysails Team Glastic Trixe Diamond Tira Silver Spoon Sammy Starfish The Ailen Monster And The Winkster Guest Stars In This Film


Twilght Sparkle Adventures Intro Curly Sue

A True True Friend The Mane 6 And Others

Down On A Grandpa Farm Barney And The Backyard Gang The Mane 6

Time Has Come Together The Mane 6 And The Rest Of The Cast Members 

The Perfecet Stallon The Cutie Mark Curssaders Babs Seed

Dance Like You Know You Can Zoe Trent

Look At Me Im Dancing Barney And The Backyard Gang Baby Bj The Mane 6 And The Rest Of The Cast Members

You Never Know End Credits

A Friend For Life End Credits

Git Down End Credits 

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